What Are Dog's Five Senses?

Here at Five Senses Dog Training, we desire to help you understand your dog better. We show you how to stimulate and train your dog’s mind, utilising their smell, hearing, taste, touch and sight. 

But what exactly are a dogs Five Senses? 


Smell is a dogs most prominent sense. It's estimated that a dog's sense of smell is a hundred thousand times more powerful than a human's. 

Scent games are a powerful tool we can use to tap into our dogs' amazing abilities.


Dogs can hear sounds four times further away than we can. They can also discern subtle differences in sound that we cannot.

Despite their excellent hearing, sometimes it seems like our dogs aren't listening to us! 

We can help your dog develop an eagerness to follow cues when you ask. 


Dogs only have 1,700 taste buds compared to our 9,000. You might find your dog gobbles up food without tasting it and this is partly why!

Dogs value experience over taste and this can be shaped with games and obedience training. 


Dogs skin is thinner and more sensitive than ours. Some dogs like a good, deep scratch while others are uncomfortable with touch. 

Building our dogs confidence being handled and examined is essential to ensuring those grooming and vet visits run smoothly. 


Dogs see differently from us. While their day vision isn't as clear, their night vision is superior to ours. 

Dogs are better at focusing on moving subjects rather than static ones. This is why you might find that your dog enjoys chasing moving objects!

Impulse control is a useful skill we can teach our dogs to address behavioural issues and prevent them from developing.


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